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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

General information

Location and parking

Most courses are held at the Fred Thomas Building, 520 Dupont Avenue in Lewes. Some courses are held at the Rehoboth Art League and the Ocean View Town Hall and Community Center. These locations have available parking. Parking ordinances and policies apply.  Non-compliance can result in a citation for violation. Click here for details on all locations, including maps.

Identification badges

We ask our members to wear an identification badge at all times. Member and guest badges (and temporary badges for those who forget) are available in the OLLI office.

Guests and visitors

Visitors and prospective members who wish to become familiar with our program are welcome to visit on a single day. Please visit the office to pick up an ID badge.

Textbooks, supplies and handouts

The catalog lists any textbooks or other supplies required for some courses and any charge for handouts beyond the allocation provided each instructor. You are responsible for these costs.

Inclement weather policy

Click here for details about the inclement weather policies for the Lewes lifelong learning program.

Auditing UD credit courses

Members paying the annual fee in the fall may audit up to two University courses per year, in the spring or fall UD semesters, taken either in the same or separate semesters. Members paying for an individual Osher fall or spring session only may audit one UD course during that semester. Does not include online/distance learning courses, Associate in Arts program, certificate programs, courses taken for credit and UD travel/study programs. All relevant fees, such as registration and student activities fees, will apply. For more information, contact the Lewes lifelong Learning office.

University of Delaware policies

Our members must comply with University policies, including those that prohibit sales or solicitations (except for designated activities where they are specifically permitted); sexual harassment; or disruptive behavior.