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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Who we are


Joan Miller (2018), Chair
J. Harry Feldman (2019), Executive Vice Chair
John Fulgoney (2020), Vice Chair—Membership
Martha Hays (2020), Vice-Chair—Academics
Pam Meitner (2018)
Larry Peterson (2018)
William Rowe (2018)
Anita Sterling (2018)
Robert Ehrlich (2019)
Myriam Medinilla (2019)
Ruth Sokolowski (2019)
Nedda Barth (2020)
Anthony Jones (2020)
Joan Van Oosterhout (2020)
Phil Weinberg (2019), Financial Officer
Thom Remington (ex officio), Past Council Chair
Ken Mulholland (ex officio), Adviser to Council
Carol Bernard (ex officio), Manager
Marcia Adato, Secretary

University Staff

Carol Bernard—Manager, Osher Learning Centers
Andrea Majewski—Program Coordinator
Joni Bero—Administrative Assistant
Jenna Ford—Administrative Assistant
Ellen Saienni—Administrative Assistant
Pam Vari—Administrative Assistant
Kathleen DiCamilla—Office Support
Dorothy Hofer—Office Support
Tim Ward—Classroom Technology Technician
Jay Higgin—Audiovisual Technician
Brian Medina—Audiovisual Technician


Executive Vice Chair—J. Harry Feldman
Book Sale—Eric Sallee
Bulletin Boards and Displays—Rhoda Dombchik
Duplication—Rudy Frazier
Facilities/Safety/Equipment—Martha Hays
Fundraising—Neil Cullen, chair and Pam Meitner, vice chair
IT Pro Team—John Taylor and Saul Reine
Reading Room—Susan Flook
Reception—Joan Van Oosterhout
Strategic Planning—Pam Meitner
Travel—Carol Derosier
Wireless Device Registration—Carol Callaghan and John Callaghan

Vice Chair of Academics—Martha Hays
OLLI at the Ocean—Parry Norling and Nan Norling
Art—Lois Parke, Mary Kate McKinley and Karen Foster
Computer Coordination—Saul Reine and Doug Johnston
Curriculum—Susan Flook and Saul Reine
Distance Viewing Team—Bruce Morrissey and Ken Mulholland
June a la Carte—Larry Peterson and John Bullock
Music—Paul Hess
Special Events Wednesdays—Ben Raphael and Stan Hughes
Summer Session—Karen Foster and John Fulgoney

Vice Chair of Membership—John Fulgoney
Marketing—Linda Kellogg, Steve DeVeber
Multicultural Team—Larry Peterson
New Member Relations—Anita Sterling and Anne Hampton
Newsletter—Robert Ehrlich
Outreach—Myriam Medinilla
Registration—Sylvia Bachman
Socials—Joan Ellis
Volunteer Development—Bill Rowe and Ruth Sokolowski
Weekly Activities Notice—Cree Hovsepian


Co-Chairs—Susan Flook and Saul Reine(A) Art History and Appreciation—Stuart Siegell
(B) Fine Arts—Kenneth Farrance and Cree Hovsepian
(C) Performing Arts: Participation—Norwood Coleman
(C) Performing Arts: Appreciation—Stuart Siegell
(D) General Studies—Parry Norling
(E) Genealogy—Robert Ehrlich
(F) Culture and Social Studies—Parry Norling and Susan Arruda
(G) History: U.S.—Crawford MacKeand
(G) History: Non-U.S.—Robert Ehrlich
(H) Literature—Susan Flook
(J) Philosophy and Religion—James Moser and Susan Dagenais
(K) Writing—Helen Griffith and Ruth Flexman
(L) Information Technology PC—Ken Mulholland and Elaine O’Toole
(L) Information Technology Mac—Sally Stier
(M) Mobile Devices—Sally Stier
(N) General IT—Ken Mulholland
(O) Languages: Non-Romance—James Weiher and Jim Higgins
(O) Languages: Romance—Mary Shenvi
(P) Life Sciences—Saul Reine and Stephen Toy
(Q) Health and Wellness—Saul Reine and Stephen Toy
(Q) Health and Wellness: Tai Chi/Yoga—Anna Marie D’Amico
(R) Physical Sciences and Math—Carolyn Stankiewicz
(S) Economics, Finance, Political Science and Law—Jack Schmutz and Martha Hays
(X) Extracurricular—Parry Norling and Susan Flook
(Y) Community Services—Elliott Ketay

Instructor Recruiting—Parry Norling
Audiovisual Team—Anita Sterling and Ken Mulholland
Summer 2017 Chair—Carolyn Stankiewicz
Secretary—Judy Diner
Carol Bernard (ex officio), Manager
Andrea Majewski (ex officio), Program Coordinator