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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Course auditing privileges

UD Osher Lifelong Learning members paying the annual fee in the fall may audit up to two University courses per year, in the spring or fall UD semesters, taken either in the same or separate semesters. Members paying for an individual Osher fall or spring session only may audit one UD course during that semester. The auditing privilege does not include online/distance learning courses, Associate in Arts program, certificate programs, courses taken for credit and UD travel/study programs. All relevant fees, such as registration and student activities fees, will apply. For more information, contact the Wilmington lifelong Learning office.

Registration forms are available in the Office. Members will be notified by the University the week before classes begin if space is available.

Requests to audit UD credit classes must be fully completed, signed and returned to the Office by each semester’s audit request deadline. All relevant fees and incremental charges will apply.

Members may also take courses for credit, or through UD Online, or may participate in University travel/study programs, but must pay the full tuition and fees that apply.