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Closed course announcements

Spring 2018 Semester

In-person Drop/Add for open seats
January 30-February 1, 2018 (Tues.-Thurs.)
10 a.m.–2 p.m., Arsht Hall

CLOSED COURSES as of 1/26/2018
Course Code Course Title Instructor
A01 Architects: From Frank Lloyd Wright to Zaha Hadid Judy Filipkowski **CLOSED**
B01 Abstract Art Workshop: Intermediate Jag Deshpande **CLOSED**
B02 Acrylic Painting Made Simple Katherine Kelk **CLOSED**
B03 Acrylics and More Mary Kate McKinley **CLOSED**
B07 Art Sampler: Intro to Drawing and Painting Cynthia Miller **CLOSED**
B14 Carving Workshop Robert Krajeski **CLOSED**
B15 Ceramic Techniques for All Linda Simon **CLOSED**
B17 Contemporary Oil Painting Eve Stone **CLOSED**
B19 Creative Fun With Clay Joseph Germano **CLOSED**
B23 Pastel Painting: Intermediate to Advanced Carol Durney **CLOSED**
B24 Sketching in Watercolor Marvin Stone **CLOSED**
C03 Become a Better Singer Anne Turner **CLOSED**
C24 Solid Gold Singers Rebecca Varlas **CLOSED**
C39 Music as a Mirror of History Ben Raphael **CLOSED**
D04 Guys and Dolls Debbie Dintenfass **CLOSED**
E03 Genealogy: Computer Workshop–PC Laptop Jane McKinstry **CLOSED**
F08 Studies in Intelligence David Hoopes **CLOSED**
G07 Good Decision/Bad Decision Ron Robertson **CLOSED**
G09 Histories from Hagley Roger Horowitz **CLOSED**
G17 The Holocaust: Two Wars Jack Vinokur **CLOSED**
H03 Great Poetry John Snyder **CLOSED**
H04 Jane Austen X Three Susan Shoemaker **CLOSED**
J01 America’s Got . . . Religion! Jeanne Cashman **CLOSED**
J02 Beyond Boundaries Christa Stefanisko **CLOSED**
J09 Machiavelli in Context Richard Warner **CLOSED**
J12 Re-Enchantment of Life Susan Flook **CLOSED**
K03 Writers’ Advanced Workshop Tuesday Rick Cassar **CLOSED**
K06 Your Story Painted in Words Ruth Flexman **CLOSED**
L10 Excel: Advanced Topics Allen Alexander **CLOSED**
L17 Mac Computer Lab, Novice, Part 2 Andrew Feiring **CLOSED**
L18 Photos for Mac: Slow and Easy Jerry Hapka **CLOSED**
L19 Photos for Mac: Slow and Easy Jerry Hapka **CLOSED**
O32 Spanish Seminar Alberto Raffo **CLOSED**
O34 Spanish: Beginning Conversations Myriam Medinilla **CLOSED**
P05 Surprising Aspects of Being Human John Taylor **CLOSED**
Q06 Tai Chi, Beginners: 8-Form Betty Ann Themal **CLOSED**
Q13 Yoga: Basic Steve DeMond **CLOSED**
Q16 Yoga: Chair Carol Lovett **CLOSED**
S05 Conservatives and Liberals: A Healthy Discussion Peter Galleshaw **CLOSED**
S08 Current Issues: Lecture and Discussion Diana Stevens **CLOSED**
S09 Great Decisions 2018 Steven Dombchik **CLOSED**
S11 Investing for a Successful Retirement Fred Cash **CLOSED**
S16 The Politics of Slavery Bruce Morrissey **CLOSED**

Closed courses will remain posted until the start of In-Person Drop/Add Registration at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 30.

Drop/Add and late registration takes place on a first-come, first-served basis according to the following timeline:

  • Priority registration—Dec. 11-Jan. 5—All registrations received by the January 5 priority registration deadline (whether online, in-person or mailed) will be included in a computer-based course assignment process.
  • First-come, first-served registration—Jan. 6-29—Registrations received during this period will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to class availability. During this period, some courses will be filled.
  • Drop/add and late registration—Jan. 30-Feb. 1—Drop/Add and late registration takes place on a first-come, first-served basis for courses with open seats as of January 30.

    • Online registration will be unavailable during Drop/Add and will resume on Friday, February 2.
    • The closed courses posted on this page will remain posted until the start of Drop/Add at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 30.