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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


Membership fee

Joining the Wilmington OLLI program entitles members to:

  1. Register for five classes per semester
  2. Sign up for unlimited extracurricular activities & community service courses
  3. Other great member benefits listed on this page!

Spring 2018 membership: $260

Full year 2017-18 membership: $445 (Includes fall & spring semesters. Annual membership available for purchase in the fall semester only.)

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Membership in the University of Delaware’s lifelong learning program is open to people 50 years of age or older and to the spouses of members at any age. We welcome you whether your formal education ended early in life or you have acquired advanced degrees. An interest in learning is all that is required. The program functions as a learning cooperative, and members support its objectives through their efforts and participation.

By paying the membership fee, one becomes part of the program and may enjoy the many benefits of membership.

Benefits of membership

Opportunities of membership

  • Teach a class or volunteer in the program
  • Join us for lunch in the Garden Café
  • Keep in touch with Lifelong Learning This Week e-newsletter
  • Spread the word about lifelong learning through outreach

This program operates as a learning cooperative. All volunteers, including instructors, must be members of the program and serve in a variety of areas, such as instruction, council, reception/information, duplicating, audiovisual, outreach, art, and social activities. Members who serve as instructors, on committees, and in a variety of other roles are supported in their efforts by other members and staff. Members who would like to serve in a specific area or explore the idea of teaching a course may express their interest by contacting a program staff member. Lifelong learning instructors are volunteers who are willing to teach and share their knowledge. Their opinions or perspectives are their own and not the opinions or positions of the program or of the University of Delaware.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a program of the Division of Professional and Continuing Studies of the University of Delaware. All members must comply with University policies and procedures, including those which prohibit sexual harassment and disruptive behavior. The University of Delaware reserves the right to refuse for good and sufficient reasons enrollment of any applicant and/or member. Except for specifically designated activities, individuals or groups are not permitted to conduct sales or solicitations on campus.